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How it Works

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How It Works

The ERC Arts Registry and Calendar is designed to blend harmoniously with your existing web site. Using "style sheets" and optional custom header and footer files, your visitors will experience a seamless transition to your searchable registry.

Test Drive

Try our sample "Regional" style registry... Use "DEMO" as username and password to view agency "back office" features.

Features and Pricing

Compare Registry Features and Arts-Friendly Pricing

Slideshow Tour

Here is a slide show tour of a typical Arts Education registry.


Slideshow Index

Just click on the number scroll at the bottom of the slide show.

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How Artist Directories Work

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Services that Support Events and Artists

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Local Facilities for Events

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For Film Commissions: Directory of Local Film Crew Professionals

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Back Office Provides Easy Contact of Registry Members

Technical Details

Download our Registry Integration Guide for more detailed information on what’s required to set up your registry.