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Success Stories — ERC and Local Arts Agencies

Arizona Commission on the Arts Finds New Use for Registry — Processing Grant Apps

ERC Systems is proud to announce its online internal registry which allows artist applicants to apply for grants online, including uploading photos, sound bytes, video and PDF files. Reviewers can access the applicants' data remotely for approval. Setup cost is minimal and monthly subscriber fees easily budgeted.

At the same time, The Arizona Commission on the Arts launched their Teaching Artist Roster. The Teaching Artist Roster is a juried, panel-approved directory of Arizona artists representing all artistic disciplines. Artists have been approved after completing a rigorous application and review process led by a panel of artists, educators, presenters, and citizens. There are two unique tracks within the Teaching Artist Roster, Educators specializing in

  • Education Programs, and
  • Community-based Programs.


PlacerArts Launches Two Artist Registries

PlacerArts proclaims "Its a new era!"

With a steady eye on achieving all aspects of its purpose, PlacerArts continues to be a catalyst for the arts and humanities in Placer County. This year they created two arts registries, a Regional Artist Registry for visual and performing artists and a Public Art Registry for artists qualified to create public art. Within months, 200 artists and venues had enrolled and created their web profiles.

The bulk email capability allows PlacerArts to instantly connect with all the members on the registry which helps facilitate the management and success of their Auburn Art Walk, Studio Tours, Outside the Box and other programs. Being on the registry is also a requirement to participate in the Auburn Art Walks, which allows the PlacerArts staff to easily be familiar with the artists.

The interest has been especially high among visual artists who welcome the chance to showcase their work. Listings include up to 16 photos of their art…from oil and watercolor paintings, to metalwork, jewelry, sculpture, and furniture. As a benefit to being a member of PlacerArt, artists also receive a free link to their personal website.

Artists experience success too.

Artists already have their own success stories from being on the Arts Registry. Several works were purchased during the Studio Tours Weekend (from people who learned about the tour from the registry), and artists have received emails about possible commissions, interest in particular pieces, or invitations to be featured in future gallery shows.

One “cop by day and artist by night” sold a very large original charcoal to an individual in Kentucky who found him through the PlacerArts Regional Registry.

Another registry member received an email from an architectural firm in Pennsylvania who had “Googled” some key words for a special project and located this expert on PlacerArts Public Arts.

The registries open doors for everyone!

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Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County (AC5) to Showcase Artists

ERC Systems welcomes AC5 as the newest California County to utilize the Artists Regional Directory to showcase its:

  • Performing Artists
  • Literary Artists
  • Visual and Media Artists, and
  • Arts Organizations and Venues.

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The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission

In their own words: read what Arts Education Coordinator Erika Kraft had to say about the experience.

Does this sound familiar?

You are the director of an agency that would like to add an online database to your agency’s website, since the printed version of your directory is out of date within a short time of its availability.  You contact several database programming companies and issue a Request for Proposal (RFP). Every tech company you talk to assures you they can easily create a searchable directory with online enrollment that will serve your mission. Their bids for the job are so varied it is difficult to get an idea of a realistic price.

The old-fashioned design process

Finally, after going through the lengthy process of selection and approval, you select a company. You spend months meeting and designing the system you want but find that each version of the directory, when tested, needs major revisions.  Eventually, you have the directory on your web site, but find that maintaining it is taking a lot of your staff’s time, it’s not as user-friendly as you had hoped, so it’s not being used as much as you would like and there aren’t enough listings to get visitors to return.

Imagine a better way

Now imagine having a prototype registry already designed that fits your needs, has been tested and re-tested and could be customized and active on your site within a month!

The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Council (SMAC) knew what they wanted in the way of an online directory to serve the educational and general communities in their region.  They needed a "back office" in order to contact their credentialed Performing and Visual Artists and to update their approved workshop and program information.  To save staff time, they wanted the artists themselves to be able to enter and change their general descriptions and contact info, and to upload their own photos, sound bytes and resumes. 

This is definitely the easier way to get the registry you need for your web site!



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It's ready now!

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